Kizwork, the Vision

Kizwork, the Vision

The Kizwork Hybrid Working platform, eco-responsible, reinvents the concept of hybrid working! More human, fully immersive, privacy-conscious, and a visionary metaverse.

With Kizwork, the weariness of video mosaics is over. We all meet in a conference room, an office, a meeting room… We find collaborative tools there that reduce the need for travel. Their evolution focuses on integrating more and more practical and easy-to-use digital functions.

Guaranteed immersion

To use the platform, you must create your avatar, which can be described as a virtual clone. For this, nothing complicated: an email address, a password, a photo of your face and most of the work is done. The platform then offers you outfits to wear in the virtual room you want to enter. You can change your outfit at any time. You can even create several avatars dressed differently, including with a different photo than yours.

Eco-responsibility in the program

Our world needs everyone to reduce their carbon footprint. Physical movement should be limited. In the range of Kizwork tools, two formidable weapons. First, the use of the avatar divides data consumption up to 35 times compared to the use of video. Secondly, the travel avoided by each employee generates a carbon credit.

A visionary platform

The phrase "visionary metaverse" is a nod to metaverse fans. In fact, the metaverse is a 3D virtual space in which avatars move. A variety of services are available there. At Kizwork, the metaverse is above all a collaborative virtual universe oriented towards the company and the services it can expect. Blockchain and NFT are among the resources that will improve the possibilities of collaborative tools in the future. <

More Human

How can the Kizwork platform be more human? Quite simply because it brings people together in a unity of place. It can also be personalized in the colors of the company. Each interlocutor can be anywhere on earth in any situation, his avatar will represent him, his voice will animate him. This is a gain in freedom.

Kizwork simplifies Web3 adoption for businesses of all sizes.