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Core Services

Kizwork offers a carbon-neutral hybrid platform dedicated to remote work and education. Equipped with an immersive range of virtualized rooms, intuitive collaborative tools, and personalized avatars as digital twins, it recreates a professional and human environment while preserving the identity, productivity of your business, and above all, the creativity of your collaborators.

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Reinforce your identity

Welcome your clients, prospects, partners, suppliers, colleagues, students, and patients to your own personalized rooms, offices, and environments.

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An evolving platform

Take advantage of our platform to enhance your environments, evolve your experiences, and meet the requirements of your future Web2.0 and Web3.0 projects.

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Innovative collaborative tools

Discover a range of tools, including real-time whiteboard with file export, chat, simultaneous screen sharing, video sharing, and moderation tools. Optimize your productivity with our AI-powered assistants and features. Meeting recording, report generation, automatic translation, and assistants to manage your agenda and achieve your goals, ensuring effective and productive meetings.

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Unique high-definition 3D file sharing and multiviewing

We offer exclusive high-definition 3D file sharing and multiviewing through our application, fostering distribution and collaboration without the need for expensive CAD software. For example, a cardiologist can seamlessly share a detailed 3D heart in DICOM format with students and patients, adding annotations directly on the file during sharing. This distinctive feature positions Kizwork as the leading collaborative and educational platform, applicable in various sectors such as remote health, industry, and educational organizations.

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Kizwork reinstates a sense of belonging with humanity, creativity, and productivity.

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About Us

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Laurent Chivallier

Chief Executive Officer

Serial Entrepreneur (3x start-ups) 30 yrs of successful international experience in High Tech, Telco, semiconductors, mobile software. Ex-SINGTEL Executive, Consulting with ADL, ex- Philips executive - 10 years in Singapore. Patent in crypto and wireless security. EMBA Trium NYU/LSE/HEC Msc. Technology Mgmt EM Lyon Msc. Electronics Engineering ECE Paris.

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Laurent Déméné

Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor Serial Entrepreneur. 30 yrs in digital technologies and services. Sold Haiku SAS Mobile Softwarein 2005 Msc. Science-Po Paris.

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Mickael Chrupek

Chief Technology Officer

20+ years of C level experience in Building, managing and operational deployment of large-scale Cloud SaaS solutions CDO Mercato de l'emploi (raised €8M) CTO Allianz Group Chief Digital Officer DigtiRE Group CDO Figaro CTO Employment Framework Msc. Computer Science (Université Paris Cité)

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Stéphane Lannoy


C-level positions in IT Banking 30+ years of international experiences SOCIETE GENERALE (Chicago, New York, Singapore) HSBC (Hong kong) MyMoneyGroup M&A Risk applications NEWEDGE CIO -Merge of FIMAT & CALYON Financial HSBC – CCF – Arkéa Msc in Telecom & Computer Science (Uni.Paris XIII)

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Work with us

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The Kizwork Hybrid Working and remote education platform, environmentally conscious, reimagines remote collaboration concept! It's more human, entirely immersive, privacy-oriented, and a forward-thinking metaverse.

With Kizwork, the fatigue of video mosaics is a thing of the past. We all gather in a conference room, an office, a meeting room… Collaborative tools are available there, minimizing the necessity for travel. Their development is centered on incorporating increasingly practical and user-friendly digital functionalities.

Assured Immersion

To access the platform, simply create your avatar, essentially a virtual replica. It's a straightforward process: provide an email address, a password, and a photo of your face, and the majority of the setup is complete. The platform then presents various outfits for you to wear in the virtual room of your choice. You have the flexibility to change your outfit at any moment and can even craft multiple avatars with distinct attire, including using a photo different from your own.

Environmental responsibility in focus

In our ever-changing world, it is imperative for everyone to minimize their carbon footprint. Restricting physical movement is crucial. Within the suite of Kizwork tools, two powerful solutions emerge. Firstly, employing avatars reduces data consumption by up to 35 times compared to video usage. Secondly, each employee's avoided travel contributes to the generation of carbon credits.

An innovative platform

The term "visionary metaverse" pays homage to metaverse enthusiasts. Essentially, the metaverse is a 3D virtual space where avatars navigate, offering a range of services. At Kizwork, the metaverse is primarily a collaborative virtual universe tailored to businesses and the services they anticipate. Blockchain and NFTs are among the resources poised to enhance the potential of collaborative tools in the future.

More Human

What makes the Kizwork platform more human? It's straightforward—it unites people in a shared space. Additionally, it can be customized in the company's colors. Whether someone is anywhere on Earth, their avatar reflects them, and their voice brings them to life. It's a freedom boost.

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Best Mobile Innovation for Web3

We are on the cusp of Web3, and its global market size is already expected to reach 81.5 billion USD in 2030. This award showcases the very best and most early innovative services that allow people to experience Web3.

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Laurent Chivallier


Chief Executive Officer

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